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Gene is an international award-winning artist who was recently ranked #1 in the USA and #5 in the world in One Eyeland's Top 10 Travel Photographers for 2022. He was also recently ranked #2 in the USA in One Eyeland's Top 10 Landscape Photographers for 2022. Gene has traveled and photographed extensively in Europe, Iceland, and The Great American West.

Gene’s interest in photography began when he was 3 years old. He was on a driving trip through the mountains of Colorado with his parents, and Gene threw their camera out the window of the moving car. He wasn’t allowed to touch a camera again for years.

Gene was glad when digital photography advanced to the point where he no longer had to spend long hours in the darkroom spilling chemicals on his clothing. His main concern now is that he has a tendency to trip over power cords in the digital darkroom.

Gene and his high school sweetheart live in the rugged Central Texas Hill Country with their two Labrador Retrievers, whom he often refers to as “The Unruly Beasts.”

Top Ranked Travel Photographer in USA 2022

The world is filled with textures and details. This is where I find my inspiration. I want you to feel what I experienced, to wipe the sea spray from your face, to pick the thorns from your jeans, to brush the sand from your feet. I spend many hours capturing these images, and even more countless hours perfecting them in post-production. My desire is to capture the undiluted strength, emotional intensity, and calmness coupled with the immense sense of freedom that is found in the world around us. It also presents a challenge.

Every detail can add to the magic. Every detail can take away from the impact. Every detail matters. Every detail is special. This means that even if you are using the very best computer screen on the market, some of the magic is lost. Here is my promise to you. When you see my artwork in person for the first time, your breath WILL be taken away. Or I will give you a full refund.

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