Big Sky


Like an artist’s paintbrush, the wind and the sun paint upon the sky. The day is closing and the night opening.

Guarded by the mountains, a UFO-shaped cloud plans an attack on the city. The city retreats indoors and turns on its lights in defense, cowering from the approaching blasts of the intruder’s energy beam—each shot racing to the ground.

You and your family appreciate the distance. You enjoy the freedom that comes with space. You can smell the ozone in the air as you continue to watch the light show unfold.

What happens next? How does this story end?

Place this image on an office interior wall and step back outside and leave the confinement of the four walls behind.

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All color images will be printed on aluminum with an archival-quality matte finish, framed to edge with a black 1.25” double-wall aluminum border. All prices include free shipping.

All prints ship free and have a 30-day, complete 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, provided they are returned in their original packaging. Email for return instructions.

Dimensions 72 × 48 in

72" W x 48" H

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